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Tonbridge Spring and Summer 2017

Join us this Spring and Summer for one of our inspiring short courses – but be quick, they are popular! Please get in touch if you would like further information before booking.

Places are available on most courses. 

However, please note that due to a system error, available places are not showing on the overview pages:  the actual number of available places is only displayed within the information for each individual course. When a course becomes fully booked, this will be indicated within the relevant course information.   


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Art History


The Art of Friendship: Ravilious and his Circle

4 weeks                                             June 5, 12, 19, 26   

Mondays                                            10.30am – 12.30pm 

Explore the work of Eric Ravilious, Edward Bawden, Peggy Angus, Enid Marx and others in this circle of friends who inspired and influenced each other in the first half of the twentieth-century.  The course coincides with the exhibition, ‘Ravilious and Co: The Pattern of Friendship’ at the Towner Gallery, Eastbourne.

This course is now fully booked.  If you would like to be placed on the waiting list, please email tonbridgeadmin@kent.ac.uk 

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05/06/201726/06/2017£55.00[Read More]

Venus – images of a goddess

3 weeks                                             May 9, 16, 23                       

Tuesdays                                         10.30am – 12.30pm

Over the centuries the iconic motif of the goddess of Venus/Aphrodite became a popular subject matter for many painters, draughtsman and sculptors. The seminar will investigate how and why Venus has been used by different artists over time and how this has affected the appearance of the goddess.

Regrettably, this course has been cancelled.  Please email tonbridgeadmin@kent.ac.uk if you would like to be added to our mailing list for future Art History courses. 

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09/05/201723/05/2017£44.00[Read More]

Creative Writing


Fiction Writing at Postgraduate Level: more than one way to tell a story

4 weeks                                            

This course is offered twice:

Mondays on 13, 27 March; 10, 24 April. 


Wednesdays on 15, 29 March; 12, 26 April.

10.30am – 1.30pm                                                    

NEW Postgraduate-level programme

Designed for anyone with the passion and motivation to develop their knowledge at an advanced level. This course does not award academic credits but can be indicative of your suitability for considering further study at this level or applying for a postgraduate qualification programme

To write well, you need to read well. Aimed at writers, this short course looks at three innovative and acclaimed books to provide a fresh perspective on how fiction works.

StartEndPlaces LeftCourse Fee 
15/03/201726/04/2017£185.00[Read More]



A stroll through the Underworld

Study Day          10am - 4pm

Saturday 24 June

Elysium and Tarrtarus, Styx and Phlegethon; what did the ancients think the afterlife was like? Spend a day descending to and journeying through – on a return ticket – the depths of the Underworld with the Greeks and the Romans.

StartEndPlaces LeftCourse Fee 
24/06/201724/06/2017£37.00[Read More]

Getting to know the ancient Romans

Study Day    10am - 4pm

Saturday 6 May

Gladiators, slavery, grand buildings, a large empire: the ancient Romans are noted for all of these.   During this course, you will have the opportunity to get to know something of ancient Roman civilisation through literature (in translation!) and images.

Regrettably, this course has been cancelled.  Please email tonbridgeadmin@kent.ac.uk if you would like to be added to our mailing list for future courses about the Classics.

StartEndPlaces LeftCourse Fee 
06/05/201706/05/2017£37.00[Read More]

Creative Writing


Get published!

Study Day                                          Saturday 24 June

10am – 4pm 

Smaller class group to allow for some individual attention.

This course is designed for those who are writing for publication.

The course is repeated from 2015.

Get your poems and short stories ready for publication, explore current opportunities in magazines, competitions and online, and find out what editors are looking for.

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24/06/201724/06/2017£42.00[Read More]

Reading and writing theatre/performance reviews

Study day

Saturday 6 May from 10am – 4pm 

This course is designed for those wanting to stretch their creative writing muscles as well as the avid theatre/performance fan. Limited places are available.

This course will enable participants to deconstruct and interpret performance-based reviews, and use the knowledge gained to write critical pieces themselves. Through understanding the structure and context of reviews, we will consider the principles and terminology of critical analysis and develop creative practical examples individually and as a group.

Regrettably, this course has been cancelled.  Please email tonbridgeadmin@kent.ac.uk if you would like to be added to our mailing list for future writing courses.

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06/05/201706/05/2017£42.00[Read More]

Walking and Writing in Tonbridge

3 alternate weeks                           June 6, 20; July 4.

Tuesday                                           1– 4pm 

Writers of all experience are welcome.

Smaller class group to allow for some individual attention. 

If you thought Tonbridge was boring, think again. It is a vibrant town and its history, architecture and people make excellent subjects for creative writers seeking inspiration. While on the course we will remind ourselves that walking can be a mindful experience, providing a different way of gathering ideas.

StartEndPlaces LeftCourse Fee 
06/06/201704/07/2017£75.00[Read More]



Queen Elizabeth I’s Men: Patriots or Profiteers?

4 weeks                                             10.30am – 12.30 pm

Thursdays                                       June 8, 15, 22, 29.  

The names of Ralegh, Drake and the Earls of Essex and Leicester alongside other favourites who circled around the Virgin Queen reverberate in history. Were they were self-sacrificing heroes, altruistic courtiers and pioneers committed to serving their queen or self-seeking adventurers who found her court a profitable place to be?

StartEndPlaces LeftCourse Fee 
08/06/201729/06/2017£55.00[Read More]

Voices from the English Civil War, c. 1640-1650

4 weeks                                             11am – 1pm

Thursdays                                       May 4, 11, 18, 25

This course explores aspects of life during the English Civil War, as expressed by those who lived through it. Using letters, diaries, pamphlets and memoires, it considers the impact of war on people’s personal relationships, political principles, religious beliefs and daily lives, and provides a clear historical context within which to understand them.

StartEndPlaces LeftCourse Fee 
04/05/201725/05/2017£55.00[Read More]

Lectures at Medway in Association with Medway U3A


Art in context

Study Morning: Saturday 13 May 10 am – 1 pm                                  

This lecture is in association with Medway U3A. It will be held at the University of Kent Medway Campus, Chatham Maritime.

This seminar is for everyone who is interested in art. In order to understand and appreciate art, we have to know something about how, why, when and where the art work was produced. This seminar will help you to gain valuable knowledge to make your next museum visits more enjoyable.

 This seminar is for everyone who has an admiration for art and an interest in art history.

StartEndPlaces LeftCourse Fee 
13/05/201713/05/2017£15.00[Read More]

Manipulating Monarchs: Tudor & Elizabethan Propaganda

Study Morning: Friday 12 May 10 am – 1 pm                                                               

This lecture is in association with Medway U3A. It will be held at the University of Kent Medway Campus, Chatham Maritime.

From the moment in 1485, after the Battle of Bosworth, when the victorious Henry VII threw the naked body of his rival Richard III over the back of a horse and paraded the corpse triumphantly through the streets of Leicester the era of a powerful and persuasive regal authority through the presentation of its public image was established.

StartEndPlaces LeftCourse Fee 
12/05/201712/05/2017£15.00[Read More]

The history of science (up to 20th century)

Study Morning: Saturday 13 May 10 am – 1 pm                            

This lecture is in association with Medway U3A. It will be held at the University of Kent Medway Campus, Chatham Maritime.

Discover and explore the creation of the Scientific Method and the development of modern astronomy, physics, biology and computer sciences. This course will specifically consider some of the great minds of human history, including those often forgotten contributions of women and non-Europeans.

StartEndPlaces LeftCourse Fee 
13/05/201713/05/2017£15.00[Read More]



Down the rabbit hole

Study Day                            19 May                                 

Friday                                  10.30am – 4.30pm 

This lively, interdisciplinary study day looks at the origins and legacy of Lewis Carroll’s enduringly popular ‘Alice’ books, engaging with subjects as diverse as film, art, philosophy, mathematics, music and modernism, and, of course, Cheshire cats and chess.

StartEndPlaces LeftCourse Fee 
19/05/201719/05/2017£37.00[Read More]

George Orwell

4 weeks                                   June 23, 30; July 7, 14                       

Fridays                                    10.30am – 12.30pm 

This course looks at four key works by George Orwell along with three of his essays, considering his place in the cultural and political debates of the 1930s and 40s.

StartEndPlaces LeftCourse Fee 
23/06/201714/07/2017£55.00[Read More]

Hard Luck! Literatures of Poverty and Austerity

Study Day                                        8 July

Saturday                                          10am – 4pm

Can fiction help us to make sense of this age of austerity? This course takes Frank McCourt’s ‘memoir’ of his destitute childhood (Angela’s Ashes) and Zadie Smith’s bleak, stylish novel NW, and seeks to investigate what we think about poverty, what we think about representing poverty, and why this matters.

StartEndPlaces LeftCourse Fee 
08/07/201708/07/2017£37.00[Read More]

Jane Austen’s later novels

Study Day                                        5 July

Wednesday                                       10.30am – 4.30pm   

On the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s death it is appropriate to explore her last two composed novels (Emma and the elegiac Persuasion) and the unusual, unfinished Sanditon which promises a new social analysis. The course will also consider a comic poem written a few days before her death.

StartEndPlaces LeftCourse Fee 
05/07/201705/07/2017£37.00[Read More]

Thomas Hardy & the Dorset coast

5 weeks                                             May 30; June 6, 13, 20, 27.

Tuesdays                                           10.30am – 12.30pm 

The beautiful and historic Dorset coastline has a dramatic history of smuggling, wrecking, press-gangs, threatened Napoleonic invasions and curious customs (particularly on the Isle of Portland), which inspired two complete Hardy novels, several short stories and episodes in other novels.

StartEndPlaces LeftCourse Fee 
30/05/201727/06/2017£69.00[Read More]



How to listen to the music of Wagner

Study Day                                        10am – 4pm

Saturday                                           8 July  

This study day is part of a popular series of

‘How to listen to…’ to begin or more fully appreciate Classical Music.

It is not necessary to have attended the whole series to benefit

from each study day offered.

Wagner was arguably the most influential composer of the 19th century: he not only revolutionised the world of opera, but he brought an entirely new musical aesthetic to the world of orchestral music.  This course takes a chronological survey of Wagner's stage works - which range from Rienzi (1840) to Parsifal (1882) - and directs the listener to crucial points that need to be understood when appreciating Wagner’s music.

StartEndPlaces LeftCourse Fee 
08/07/201708/07/2017£37.00[Read More]

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